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Online Status for Sellers

As a seller, I activated the online status (button) when it was first introduced and have kept it on since I have not had to go into vacation mode. I have observed in recent times that sometimes when I get a message from a buyer, and I go to respond, I get a message saying that it is nighttime where the buyer is, and therefore, the response may be delayed.

My question is, is this also done for sellers who have the online status button as green? I ask because now that the response time is critically tracked, I need to know if I should manually turn off the button when I am going to sleep. I appreciate that Fiverr works 24/7 because users are in different time zones but I want to ensure that potential clients do not think I am ignoring them and also run the risk of a lengthened response time that could potentially affect my level on Fiverr.

Please let me know. Thanks in advance.


CONTACT CS .They will help you in better way .
thanks a lot

Thanks for your response, Abdullah_shah.

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I log out and go offline when I am sleeping. While I am offline, my buyers contact me and wait for me to come on line to reply to them. We Have 24 hours to respond to messages. I do not want my phone app waking me when I am sleeping :sleeping: if someone messages me.


Thanks for your response, Vickiespencer.

I will do that going forward. I usually respond well within the 24-hour period. That is not the issue. My concern in that 8-hour period of sleep or necessary downtime when I am unable to respond immediately to a message.

Question is though, will the response rate be increased from 1 hr even when I am logged out and off-line? This question is about regular messages, not first time messages for which we have to respond within 24 hours.

I would love to hear your response, maybe based on your experience. Thanks in advance.

I have kept my 1 hour response time even though I am not online for 12 hours of the day.


Ok. Great!

Thanks for taking the time out to answer my queries. I do appreciate it.

All the very best.