Online status is not showing on my gig. how to show that. see pic below


kindly help me …


Hi there! I think the online status only shows if you are logged in with your phone app, but maybe someone else will chime in and clarify.


It only shows as online if you are using the mobile app, not if you are online through your computer. Stupid idea really.


hi! @kissreviews i online from one browser. and check to the other browser this not show online. i thing some thing else happen .


I also face such problem. :-/


It shows me online when I am online from my computer. I do not have the app for my phone.


My fiverr app only shows my 4 gigs instead of 5?


Same problem. How can I fix?


same issue kindly fix this
online status is not showing on my gig please fix my problem.


It fixed.
now fiverr mobile apps and online algo is good
Enjoy :slight_smile:


Make sure your all gigs are active …
there is no issue with app