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Online Status not showing?

Why My gig says offline when I am in online from my PC and mobile phone?

I am currently online from my PC and mobile apps but when I search my gig and filter it with online sellers I didn’t find my gig. Is It a Fiverr bug? Help me, please


Did you check this ?


Yes. I check it and fixed it. also fixed in my mobile apps

I’ve noticed this too at times. Sometimes when I’m online my gigs do not appear when I click on the option to show online gigs. At other times they do.

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yes. Same case in my site also. how do you solve it?

This is a recurrent problem affecting everyone.

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I also experienced that for a long time, but after a while I noticed that Fiverr shows two different log in “pages”:

Whenever I log in with page #1, my gigs never shows up as online, but if I log in with page #2, after some minutes it switches on.

So when page #1 is presented, I just restart the browser until I’m presented with #2.

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Tips: You have to active minimum 1 hour in Fiverr then you will be count as online seller

Are you Check On your Mobile App? Or you can Check You Desktop Browser, Go to On fiverr setting Check On Your Status

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Please check your profile settings to online mode and also check your mobile app and make sure that your Icon is on or off.

The Profile settings says I am online but the icon and my GIGs are not visible. I am online and open Fiverr in browser for 2 hours, still counts as I am offline.

I had the same issue and reported to support one month ago and their response was:

Thank you for the information provided I will make sure to forward all these issues to the relevant team. Rest assured that they are already looking into this and this should be resolved in the near future.

However, when I started doing this:

After 30min max, it changes those grey dots to green.

Would love to know if it also works for other users.

To me that happens but when I go to another browser and search for my GIG it is visible with my profile green, but when I select online sellers, I am not there.
Try searching for OBS and active sellers. I should be there, but I am not.

After my reply above, I checked your profile and you had the green dots on your gigs, but I didn’t confirm with the search results.
But now, your profile shows you completely offline, so I can’t confirm if you show up as an online seller in the search.
For me, whenever the grey dots turn green, my gigs always show up in the online sellers’ search results.

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For me even if it is green my GIGs do not show up when I select to show only online sellers.

You’re correct, I checked again and even though your gig has the green dot, when I checked the filter for online sellers, your gig disappeared.

And Fiverr will fix this sometime in future…

Well, it’s working now…

:smiley: :smiley:
For me too now it works. Crazy.

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I noticed that you were online for short periods of time, maybe the system needs it to be longer in order to recognize it as online?!