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Online Status not showing?

If I am constantly on Fiverr in my inbox responding to messages, how can I be offline for short period of time?
What qualifies as “online”, that is the question. When I am looking at my profile it says I am online, but when I am reading and responding to my messages in inbox it says I am offline.

And I just refreshed and only one of my GIGs is there. How can i be online for one gig and not for the other…funky fiverr code

Yes, the concept of being online on Fiverr is strange.
I read on the forum that a user needs to refresh the page from time to time to stay online, so perhaps open an new tab and refresh it while you’re on your inbox?!

Yeah, the platform’s code has a lot of bugs unfortunately.

Thanks a lot. I think like that

Will try it. they should solve it asap

Fiverr Should solve it asap

my settings okay but nothing solved. same problem

I am having same issues. My profile setting is set to online. Mobile app is also set to online. Already raised a ticket with customer support and waiting for the resolution.

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Did you get the solution? what is that. Feel free to share here. we are also want to know.

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My browser inbox isn’t showing the real-time.
See I just talked to him but my browser showing the wrong time. How can that be solved?