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Online status of my account

Whenever im on fiverr it never lets me go online im always offline.


Refresh your browser.

Click on your profile image at the top of the main Fiverr page and then click on Settings.

If none of this works it is the recurrent problem affecting everyone from time to time.

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And there I thought I was the only one having this problem …
Let’s hope that this will get fixed really soon :’)

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I did didnt work. when I click in settings it just says go offline for x amount of time but it doesnt say im online

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Hopefully but its annoying a lil bit

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What works for me is that I keep myself loged in both, on my computer and my phone app …
But sometimes, you have to refresh your browser, let me know if works for you.

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Yes, the solution is to download the the Fiverr app to your phone, and set it on online mode, and then you will also see the little circle in your profile turns green instead of gray

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I tried that didnt work.

it wont work
idk why but its a bug I guess right now

Does your status look like this when you go into settings?

If it says Go Offline that means you are already Online but because of the recurrent problem it just won’t be showing as such on the main site.

reload few times fiverr page.or again login.