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"Online Status" setting gets changed automatically at times, making me appear offline

Today morning, I notice this issue. After logging in, I am shown as offline. I have to go to Public Settings and change the online status to “Go Online” manually. After a while, again I am being shown as offline. It looks like Fiverr wants me to take a vacation during this season, instead of working here :slight_smile:


Do you use the Fiverr app as well? If you use both the app and the main site, it’s possible that you currently have the online feature turned off which is affecting your desktop online status if you are switching between the two.

To check this, go into your settings via the app (the screen may look different depending on app version and operating platform):

Alternatively, the online status also works depending on your site activity. If you are online and active (such as answering messages, delivering orders etc), yet it still shows as offline it’s possible you may have tracking turned off on your browser - such as being in incognito mode.


Hi Adam,

Mobile App was not on when I noticed this on laptop. Just to be sure, I logged in to mobile app again and checked this setting. It is set to “Show Online” on mobile app. I have logged out on mobile app now. Will confirm if it is due to my inactivity or not in a while.


Inactivity means you won’t appear as online. Turning the online functionality off means you’re never visible. A lot of people who recommend you turn this on for visibility are also recommending staying up 24/7. This is a terrible idea. Just turn it on and if you must, check in every so often to net dem flies.

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Once you login it takes Fiverr 10-15 mins to update the status globally and show you as “ONLINE”.

But that does not mean you are offline, you are ONLINE the moment you login.

I´ll have to click something/‘be active’ too every once in a while, but it´s phases really, sometimes I don´t have to and stay online still.

I had it happen twice that never mind what I did the green dot didn´t want to appear, what CS told me, was:
Try to clear your browser cache and cookies (that did help)

They also told me to note that Fiverr was developed to work optimally with Chrome. (I use/d chrome for fiverr though, so it wasn´t that).

Maybe you can try the cache&cookie clearing, though maybe you should better take that vacation! :slight_smile:

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if you are already enable from website and still showing offline, That means it is temporary issue, its resolved in few minutes/hour automatically because i am already experienced this issue, but its automatic resolved.

so no need to worry. Thanks

As @webexpert1313 says, it appears to be a stray issue that doesn’t have a consistency.

As @miiila suggests, it could be something to do with cache and cookies. I am using Chrome but on a Mac.

I have to figure out what @djgodknows said, that it takes 10-15mins to update the status globally. All I need is that when I do not set offline time in “Online Status”, it shoud show me online with a green light so that buyers can see me that I am online. I do notice the fact that even after I log out, I am shown as online for some more time. I believe this is being done by Fiverr on purpose and for a good reason.

And thanks to @twistedweb123 for trying to help me out, though this looks like a different issue.

In Linux Admin, we do not pursue bugs or issues which do not show a consistent behaviour. This appears to be a similar issue to me. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me on this.

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Do you use Chrome in incognito mode?

No, Chrome is not in incognito mode. Both my OS and chrome are outdated.

And since then, I haven’t faced this issue again!

I’ve had this happening also lately.

This also affect to me

This bug I still face once in a while. If Fiverr doesn’t show my status as Online, I have to go to Settings -> Account, and this is what it shows:

I have to manually change this setting to “GO ONLINE” and save, in order for my status to be shown as online again. Annoying :disappointed:

I just refresh the page when that happens. It works.

Tried that earlier but didn’t work. I will try again and update here. Thank you.

HI Mates,

@misscrystal is hard for us refresh page over and over again maybe sometime you forgot to refresh a page and you go offline.

I think the better way is we use “Auto Refresh Extension” in chrome.

I am using the after 5 minutes refresh page option in Auto Refresh Extension and it’s work for me if i’m not using fiverr tab a while.


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Here is the update.

Chrome browser - Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit)

a) Logged in for a while. Shows my status as offline. Refresh or Shift-refresh won’t help.
b) Logged out and logged in. Still shows my status as offline.
c) Logged out. Cleared browser cache and then logged in. It now show my status as online!

Looking at the posts. @miiila mentioned this fix already.

I would agree with @miiila and @consultantindia. Also sometimes I experience it on slow connections. I figure the page has not fully loaded, so i just reload the page and I am green again :grin:

So one of these fixes work:

  1. Refresh - suggested by @misscrystal, @owais_raza, @ryonwhyte
  2. Clear browser cache - suggesed by @miiila
  3. Go to Settings -> Account and change the ONLINE STATUS to GO ONLINE - suggested by @consultantindia

But best way is Auto Refresh Extension tough :joy: :sweat_smile:

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