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Online status to link to the Forums

Quite often if I don’t have a gig to work on and if there are no buyer requests coming through I pop over to the forums to help or add to conversation. I keep Fiverr open but when on the forums I’m not constantly going through the main site.

This usually leads to my profile showing as offline.
Possibly people disagree. But I think if you were online here possibly you could be shown online on Fiverr?


I agree with the suggestion since I have to refresh my seller dashboard page every 5 minutes just so that it does not show me offline even when the page is kept open in the tabs.

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Fiverr automatically offline your profile status after few minutes inactivity. There is no way to keep active your profile in fiverr 24/7. This is also happen in fiverr app.

I am well aware of this. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying if I’m active on the forums it would be nice if my main Fiverr profile also said I was online.

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Yes. You are correct. If it can, it will nice. :grinning: @mariayasir she is right. Also, I am using two tabs in my browser. :rofl:

me too…I am also using two tabs in my browser.

I am aware that you can use two tabs to keep Fiverr and the forums open :man_facepalming:. The suggestion is about using the forum online status and posting that to your main Fiverr profile online status to negate having to refresh the page every five mins or so to stay online on the Fiverr website.

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That isn’t possible.

The forum is through a third-party program that doesn’t allow the kind of integration that would do what you describe.