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OnLine Status

I’m OnLIne but the green light is off. I refresh the page but is still off. I have shut down and restart. Nothing. My green light is off.
Therefore… if there is a client that wants to found a seller on and we can not control our status…
Do you think that something is not well on the system??


I don’t know what is happening from the beginning of October. Sales dropped to ZERO without any reason and negative review, response rate is not accurate, funds not getting cleared, delivery button gone, Online status gone, Customer Support taking 5-7 days to reply that is automatic reply or what fiverr says is Quick Response. They don’t have proper solution of our problem.


Wow… At this moment i only have detected the online status. I have not contacted with custom support because they usually doesn’t have solved nothing to me.
I prefer to speak with users that share their experiences and normally have solutions.
Thanks :wink:


Same here : now fiverr and other freelancing sites has no difference. Becuause fiverr new updates " Post a request" Kill all almost all seller. almost all seller has notice huge drop in sales almost 70% drop in new orders. 70% buyer now post a request what they want no one interested to buy gigs.


Well… about the buyer request…
If you are a buyer… Have you seen how many offers they receive??
They will have the same doubt. Also… as i see that you have not the green dot active… buf… System must have a bug. Yesterday they have done some maintainance and they forgot to shut on the green lights system ! jejeje

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Yes, my online light is off too. I tried clicking on several gigs, visiting different categories, the forum, and even the blog, still not green. (They did an extended service last Evening, not sure if that had something to do with it, but I know it worked before they started).

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There must be all molten !! jejeje

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I’m also facing the same problem…It’s a great issue…Hope fiverr will take care of it asap…

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Agreed, for the last 2-3 days, Fiverr is acting really buggy. My sales have dropped too, for no apparent reason.

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Hi i have 3 oders today but my status is ofline show me grey dot

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Same here my status is offline while am online. When i try to search for my services with online filter i don’t find my services :frowning: . Well I tried to contact support but it’s every time I’m trying to do that it told me that I’m not logged to my support account. So strange !

Same here with the green light, however it works with my iPhone.

I am also having same problem fiverr please resolve this issue ASAP

October is the worst month ever! I am experiencing the bug as well.

I don’t know if it’s a today’s bug or from last maintenance stop,
But logically it affects if the buyers want to contact to a seller online.
Not good for the general Fiverr image.

My light is off too!

It should be fixed now.

OK… it seem it’s going ok now… Thanks Fiverr and all people who have expressed their opinion.

Mine still seems to be off…

Damn Mine is Off too