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OnLine Status

I am also facing this problem since December. I have sent massage to support team. But the problem is not fixed.

sir i don’t know because this is ever happen with me but i try my best to solve this issue and finds his solution.thanks

It is not an issue that cannot be solved, it has happened with me sometimes. Please go into settings and click the ONLINE STATUS and activate that. You’ll show online then.

well my light is off also.

The Green ball is a thing rare.
It can be off and if you reload the page you will be again on green status.
So… who knows. I’m not worried about it.

The only concern about green light is, what if you gigs are showing online ? that is why i think every buddy is panicking

I think the only thing is important is to check on your profile settings if your status is online. If yes, then all is ok. Maybe in my web browser the light is off but maybe it’s because the browser manage the different windows or tabs.
So the problem here possibly is the browser, because if i regen the window, then the light is green again. Not sure now but what was good was to have the Fiverr app active on the smartphone. This is a second way to show you are online.

Can you give me the solution ? please?