Online status


Are you worry ?? Not getting orders ??
I suggest you to Increase your selling just by remaining online as much as you can …
I experienced that … during online Interval I got orders and less probability of getting orders during offline Intervals.

Sellers usually see the gigs before ordering them … If seller is online Then buyer probably give him an order by conversation with him on the spot to overcome the confusions … so that is the best time to convince your customer to not go some where else…

So I suggest you to remain online as much as you can then you yourself will see the effect


If a seller is online, yes, a buyer might take the opportunity to start a conversation with the seller. But, in my experience, online or offline status does not play a big part in the number or frequency of sales. Just focus on the sales and communication that you do receive. That is the most important part of being active here on Fiverr.


When I hire someone I always try to find who’s online now because I want my order fast


Most of my orders are repeat buyers. This doesn’t change amount of orders for me.


I’ve DEFINETLY noticed that being online has brought me more new orders.


I am also trying to be online as much as possible but my sales decreased drastically after Christmas.


same here :frowning:


O.k I’ll definitely try it. Thank you for the tip :slight_smile:


I reckon being online helps (me anyway). But there’s other factors at play also with regards to whether a potential buyer will contact you as well. But for me, it works. Plus I reply very quickly, so that helps but I do understand not everyone has the ability to do that due to other commitments.


not only yours but whole sales become decreased dont worry hopefully It will be normal soon


Hello sh_services!

I took screenshots of analytics over the past few weeks, as i just got back into the selling side of Fiverr.

Indeed the more time you spend logged in AND updating/tweaking your gigs do result in more traffic in your gigs. I took a few days off, and noticed a drop in traffic, so there must be a correlation.

When i go to my back office, all I see is green arrows. That’s great!

Darcy Cardinal


@ sh_services Thank You so much for you best suggestion.


yes absulatly right. thank you