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Online trading platform

Hello sir,
We are looking for aprofessional developer to develop an online trading platform, to market different products of several categories by several sellers like the case of ebay or amazom, and it ensures the different means of payment and evaluations of buyers, also it will allow us to manage promotions.
thank you to send us your best price.

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I think a request explaining your requirements in “Buyers Requests” will probably produce some results. If you go to “Buying” at the top of the main page you will find it there.


I think you lost everyone at “Amazom.”

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I’m checking now to see if that domain name is taken. :crazy_face:

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Amazom: Where the undead’s purchasing dreams come to life.


Do you realize how many Amazon clones are out there? You might as well create a store with Wix or Etsy or some nonsense like that.

Besides, who says you have to be Amazon? You’d be better off choosing a niche, like someone who only sells batteries or only sells lamps. Even then, the competition is intense.

That’s why I’m happy with Fiverr. So called “passive income” is a myth, while you can make money while you sleep, it’s going to take a lot of work for that to happen.

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You have to get your reliquaries from somewhere, amiright?

May be he know that the other amazom may sue him for this :smile:

Speaking of reliquaries, I like ones with a large oculus.


@misscrystal I don’t know why but I can’t help laughing at this. :rofl: