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Only 1 Attachment is shown with Buyer Request on Desktop

Now this person is saying he needs the final result to be like the second attachment, but as you all know, on the Desktop the Buyer Requests page only shows first attachment. How are we supposed to understand this!

Sometimes after I submit an offer I open the Fiverr app and see the rest of the attachments. This needs to be fixed.


Yes this is a bug which should be removed. I am having the same problem. I think everybody should report this bug so that it can be fixed. Thanks.


I think we should report this bug to fiverr and this is the only choice.

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i also think so but how

hello,i take an order from *********** through buyer request but now there is no delivery button showing please help me how can i resolve my problem.there is no notifications as well .

Calling out buyers/sellers is not allowed

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please help me in is a hard nut to crash for me

@saniasafdar98 Contact support as we can’t fix bugs here:

Also please stop posting multiple posts for this, one is enough.


i also contact but all in vain misscrystal

Can we get back to the original question and topic title, why desktop only shows just one attachment?

@mjensen415 Sorry to bother you but is this something known to Fiverr as error or is it something regarding browser we are using? Is this already talked about, can you post a link to the original topic? Thank you


Same here only 1 attachment shown…


Yes, it is a very serious problem due to which I have to use both (app and website) at the same time to see more attachments, but that is not the solution because mobile does not support all files such as PSD, and Ai, etc.


i lost a client because of this bug.

This problem is still occuring as of 2nd Jan 2021.

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Any solution to the problem mentioned?

The the bug is still present in the system.
is there any update about when they are going to fix it?


This is still happening? Are the fiverr staff not competent enough to fix this serious issue?

yes facing same problem, :roll_eyes:
it’s huge bug if we can’t see all the attachments then how can we respond to the buyer request!