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Only 1 order in the last 32 days

I have received only 1 order in the last 32 days but the impression is increasing. what could be the reason for getting less order?

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Your post is in the wrong category. “Learn. from Fiverr” is for posts related to Fiverr courses. If you click the pencil in the top corner of your post, you can move the category to “Improve my Gig” or “My Fiverr Gigs”

As for your question, I would suggest taking a look at the “Tips for Sellers” category in the Fiverr Forum. There’s plenty of tips and info there on how to get more orders! I hope this helps!


Ok. Thank you so much

Me too in the same area

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@hmmirazulislam Last 30 days mine More than 40+ Order…

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