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Only 1 order since I Started


Hello everyone,
I startet fiver on February. But i got only 1 order for my gig.

My first order got a big tip and customer gave me a good review but there is no more orders. i tried lot of things. Now i don’t know what to do. please help me


Hi. Try answering some buyer requests. As a personal shopper on fiverr, that is actually 95% of my business because that isn’t a very sought after service here.


I have had 19 orders in my first 35 days on Fiverr with a 98% positive rating and $128.2 earned. I used buyer requests, I have only had 5 orders through the Gig page.


Well I mean, if you’re lying on your Gig page about your services, then you won’t get sales.

Go to your Twitter banner page. Look at your portfolio pictures. Then look at this:

Nice plagiarism and software: ‘Free Online Banner Maker by Canva’

Can a staff member please speak to this guy?


And this


Get some good targeted traffic on your gig for sales to flow in. Buyer requests are great way too.


Staff rarely read the forums and forum moderators/admins are limited to forum issues. If you want staff to look at something, go to Customer Support and create a ticket under the Trust and Safety field.


I have not get any order yet,Can anyone tell me what is the problem with my gig?My gig link: