Only 10 active gigs in Mission Control?


What does the number in “My gigs” tab for “Active: 10” actually mean? I have 14 online gigs, but the number is still the same. Does that mean that only 10 gigs are shown on the frontpage or it’s a bug not calculating the gigs right?


There are no in suspended, and none in review. I counted 14 on my hands and foot.


The Customer Support fixed the bug. If I found the counter wrong after 24h after added a gig I should directly contact the support.


I noticed this in my control panel also. I think I have 6 gigs and only 5 active. None are in review or suspended. The only sense I could make out of any of it is that 5 of my gigs have been rated and 1 has not. So that would make some sense to me. Does your situation fit that explanation?


Reply to @beatcraigslist: No, it wasn’t relevant.


After I wrote my last comment, I went to check and now mine all 6 show as Active, so I have no idea what the deal is. Probably another bug.