Only 2 days left for Evaluation


2 days left for evaluation but somehow my Order delivery rate came to 80% :tired_face::tired_face: . It was 95% last night. Very disappointed. Maybe I have to wait for the next month to get a level.

Keep Me in your prayers :pray:


So sad news. Try heart and soul to rise up from this situation. Best of luck.


I was once in a similar situation. At that time, I was a Level 1 Seller, it was a few days before evaluation day and I was looking forward to being a Level 2 seller soon. Then I got a TOS warning, which kept me from getting to Level 2. Then it got even worse as i got a second TOS warning which dropped me from Level 1 to no level.

So instead of being a level 2 seller, I had no level, just within a few days. Now I’m back to Level 1 and it looks like in two days I will finally become Level 2.

Let me tell you that I made sales as Level 1 the same like with no level. And I expect sales to be the same with level 2 as they are with level 1.

So my advice is to not worry too much about levels, since what really determines your sales rate is the quality of work you provide.



Thanks for your valuable advice’s