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Only 3 Tips for Success as a Seller @ Fiverr

I Joined fiverr one year ago and started earning from my hobby of web and graphic designing besides doing my tough Banking job. I started spending 2 hours daily on fiverr. After one year I am now level 2 seller and fiverr is now my major second source of income. What i learned as a successful seller, you must follow these tips:

  1. Never say no to buyers: Never take any order, which you can not do and if you get the order, no matter how hard it is for you to do any job never say NO to your buyers.

  2. Give unlimited Revisions to buyers: Always communicate politely and give revisions till satisfactions of the buyer.

  3. Work after completion of the order: You must give revision and work on an order even if it is marked as completed, this will help you get more work from existing buyer.

Hello, sorry but I disagree with these. You don’t have to be a slave to buyers. Some buyers are very unreasonable and you have to stand up for yourself sometimes and say no.


These tips fits your 99% buyers, obviously 1 % are those who can not be satisfied, but in order to get more sales you will take care your 99 % buyers and will ignore 1 % buyers. :slight_smile:

This advice is garbage. This only works with buyers who expect to be able to pay $5 to somebody not based in a western country, to be able to get them to cook their brain on a gas mark 5 stress level and still be happy to roll over afterward and do more to appease their slave master.

You need more self-respect.


Actually, if it’s too hard, do say no, and advise your buyer to seek someone who is a better match for the job. If it’s something that’s way too difficult for you, you’ll spend too much time on it, and the quality of the work probably won’t be all that good.

That’s an invitation for trouble, and an encouragement for abusers (who then go on to abuse other sellers, too, because they’ve realized that they can get away with it).

Sometimes there’s a good reason to accept to work on an order after it was marked as complete; for example, the buyer was in hospital, or their family member was in hospital, or they were hit by a natural disaster, or… However, working on an order after it was marked as complete should be an exception (and a rare one, at that), not a rule, otherwise you’re your buyer’s slave.

Be polite, sure. Be respectful. Do a good job, and help your buyers the best you can. But don’t accept to be a slave.


I disagree with this. Some mischief buyer will threaten you to do more work. Last week one of my buyer ordered $5 gig and threaten me to do work of $15.


Indeed, and if you offer unlimited revisions, Customer Support might side with them, and you might find yourself forced to do a huge amount of work for next to nothing, or have your withdrawal disabled until you either do as much work as the buyer requires, or until you refund the buyer.


I respect all of you for your views but what i believe is that a seller work for $5 and the other work for $50 for same job. It depends on your convincing and negotiation skills that how you deal with your buyer, exceptions are there for which you can report customer support who help you in resolving issues, but still good communication works every time.

In the words of a mod round here ‘just no’. :wink: