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Only 4 gigs allowed for newbie sellers? [ANSWERED]

Why is there a limit to new sellers of only 4 gigs? This is very limiting indeed!

As a new seller you’re allowed to have 5 gigs.

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I’m a new seller and the systems allows me to have 7 gigs.

I have 6 active gigs as new seller and have only 2 sold this month. I will put up some more but only in the same line like the social network branding…they are short and i deliver always in time or 1 day before.

Reply to @madmoo: Oh my, you’re right, I realized that after I posted my comment! I remember when I started I had 20 gigs, but then again, Fiverr is trying to avoid spam and they seem to be taking good measures to increase security.

Reply to @madmoo: What was very interesting is it seems this is a new measure, I haven’t heard of anything like below 20 in the past months anyway. My question is, what would happen to new sellers from before this new measure?? (I hope I was clear)

Reply to @madmoo: So Fiverr did it as a mistake? or if it was done professionally they would announce it? ( a sort of question, which I don’t expect you to have an answer for but…! )

Reply to @madmoo: Who is the mastermind behind all these “minor” changes??

Reply to @thecreativeguys:
It tells me to deactivate one before I can put another. It won’t give me 4 even. 2 is all I’m getting.

Reply to @themommyvortex:
Really? Wow that’s awesome.