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Only 5-6 buyers request daily instead of providing the services which has lot of scope here


I am having a serious issue and don’t know how to resolve it…

I created the gigs with all the services which i can provide but when i see to buyers request section, there are no daily request updated …only 8-10 requests daily come to my buyer request section in some one or two category and all the other category remain null…

I seen the profile of one of my friend at fiverr with he same services and she receives a lot of request int he same category which i have…There is some issue with my gig and can i invite some experienced sellers to please help me out with this as i contacted customer support but they are unable to tell me the exact issue…



Wait Some Days.
I Think You Will Can Get More Buyer Request After Some Days.

Also Please Contact Fiverr Support.


Same reply came from buyers request but i have been waiting for this from so long but the situation remains the same…


Dear Monika,

You can Contact Fiverr Customer Support Quickly.


You send a screenshot to fiverr customer service. Immediately your issue will be solved.

Good luck


I already contacted but disappointed with the reply…they replied that they cant help regarding this as its all depends on how I created my gig…I have cross checked many times to all my gig but don’t know what the issue is.



Choose your service type when you create GIG in area in which you are expert.

Please define tag in your GIG and that is most helpful to find your gig for buyer. I hope you like this and solve with it.

Try to see impression on your GIG to check result of buyer view on your GIG.


I read the terms at fiverr academy while creating my gig and try to put the tags and services…Thankyou for the help…my impression is down obviously as i am not been able to apply for the buyers request…


I hope you like it and will resolve your issue. Like my post if it helps you so it help to other person also.


I checked your profile, and the issue with you is, there is less buyer request from the gig category you provided, I launched the gig for flyer design in the month of September 2016 only to realize that the competition was high and fewer buyers and almost 0 buyers request in 10 days. I even waited until November 30th and finally, I decided to move on to another gig.


May be the gig category would be the reason. Try to create gigs in other categories and I hope you will get more requests.


There can be less buyers request sometimes but i don’t think there is 0 because my friend is providing the same services and she receives enough requests for the same services…will keep your suggestion in mind and try to change the gig category…hope that helps!


This might be biggest reason because you can select only one service type there so may be you have choosen wrong.



Good morning,please i am new seller on fiverr but i have not been seen any request on buyers request and i have edited my gig.what can i do?


Read the suggestions in this post from a year ago…


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