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Only 5 hours left and buyer didn't submited proper requirments ..HELP

Hello every one,

2 days ago, a client accepted my custom offer of 50$. He placed the order but didn’t submit full requirements. He said I am working on collecting the content I will deliver to you tomorrow. Now he said “don’t worry about the delivery time I will extend it”
Now I have very little time to deliver orders, and he is offline.
What should I do?
Please guide me.


You can go ahead and cancel the order, or you can keep the order the way it is, it will eventually become late. If the order is very late, the buyer can choose to cancel the order himself.

I do recommend you something, based on my own experiences. You need to know the order requirements BEFORE you send a custom offer. When you send it, that means you have all the information and you can start working. I always expect the order requirements before I place the custom offer, otherwise it’s easy to encounter issues like the one you mentioned here.


Thank you, but I have a question can the buyer extend the delivery time? I mean is there any option?

I have asked for all the requirements before the custome offer. But the buyer was like I do not have all the data right now. Send me a custom offer I will give you tomorrow.

If you sent a request to extend the deadline and he comes online before the deadline then sure, he can extend. But it’s up to him, if and when he comes online.

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He is from the USA and now its night time there. Idk when he will come online.:confused::pensive:

And what prevents you from making delivery and then he will be able to use the revision?

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He didn’t send any information regarding his project. He wrote “I will deliver tomorrow”
PS: I am a designer. I have to design a catalog for him. But there is no information.

Should I deliver him any sample mockup?
After that, he can ask for a revision?

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Omg. What? Zero info at all?

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Yes, he said I am working on making a draft and collecting data.

He should have given you some information. Or did he write “I need a catalog” and accepted the offer?

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You must have at least something that you could work with. Or were you just waiting for the entire order period?

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Personally I would deliver something incorporating what information was provided. Along with the delivery I would state something like: “please request revision when your additional material becomes available.”

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Yes I think that will be the best solution.
Thank you for suggestion.

A client from the category of “space thinkers”. I would make a delivery of what is and write that when it appears, let it use the revision and attach the necessary / missing information.

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CS will not have time to cancel the order without harm to you. All the more, if you have already done some work.

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He just sent me a link to his website and we talked about his project. But as I mentioned, he didn’t have data at that time so he said I will provide it to you after collecting all the photos, text and logo, etc

It’s just some kind of horror. Not a client, but just a nugget)).

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Yeah it’s scary and frustrating :unamused: