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Only 960 gigs are shown in a search result

I was wondering about one thing.

When someone searches a category, it shows 48 gigs on one page. And the total number of pages is 20. It means only 960 gigs are shown to a customer.

And these gigs are the ones with reviews

And the total number of gigs in that certain category might be ranging from 1500 to 150,000(in my case; WordPress)

And it means a new seller has NO chance to get organic traffic.

Anyone, to tell me, if my observation is right?
And, if it is, do I have any other reason to stay on Fiverr? I mean…motivation to keep on going in such a hilarious competition.


Most likely you have the Best Selling Filter.

It just shows 20 best selling pages. Switch to Recommended, and you will see all of them.

Fight to become a best seller, work hard. Quitting shouldn’t be an option.