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Only a healthy person, makes healthy money


Hey, I am sorry this is not about how to sell or any tips about Fiverr, but a quick tips to sellers and buyers on Fiverr on how to STAY HEALTHY while working to deliver those wonderful gigs.

I know we are all here to make life more meaningful, especially taking care of the finance ends, but in doing so, did you know you may attract some unwanted excess water in your body because of longer hours of sitting doing that work of yours?

While working recently on an article for a client, I read how sitting for too long in a position could cause your body to retain excess water. Sitting too long in a position is said to hinder free circulation of water and may lead to water retention.

Further research revealed that water retention could be damaging to health and you want to avoid that. Although there are many causes of water retention, but I am particularly interest in how our chosen occupation may contribute.

I thought to myself, if this is so, then I have been walking on the edges of serious illness without knowing it, sitting for an average of 5 hours in a stretch daily, is serious and life threatening; this may be so for you as well.

The following are tips to stay safe and healthy while making all the money; you don’t want to spend such money on health bills.

  1. Avoid sitting in a position for too long. Take a couple of minutes off and walk around;
  2. Eat well. It’s very unlikely that many would get something really good to eat while spending those lengthy hours working, try as much as you could to get yourself such foods that would help regular bowel movement and relieve excess gas and water in the body;
  3. Do regular exercises. Even if it’s just walking around your office or home, make sure you do some exercises that would help stretch your limps and joints and free you from building unnecessary fat and water;
  4. Allocate some time for fun. You can develop interest in sport or choose to follow sports of your choice; do some sports following and networking;
  5. Cook your own food. Do more of cooking than indulging in junk foods, after all, one positive side of being self-employed is to have time for yourself and be in control of what you do and when you do it.
  6. Take lots of fluid. Drink plenty of water to help your kidney flush waste water out of your body.

    I hope this helps, remember, only a healthy person can make healthy money.

    To your success


Reply to @contentcruise: Dear as simple as that just keep watching laughter shows like tom and jerry and there are bit more show on television which you will like the most. Why don’t you use YouTube for laughter therapy. Start searching for pranks and those activity which help you to divert your mind. I mostly do research & whenever i felt headache i just do some power yoga.


I really appreciate your time and i must say you really did a good work to share such a useful and relevant info with all of us. Heads of your :slight_smile:

Most of the time in front of my desk you will find tons of water bottle and washroom is attach in the office so i don’t think so it’s hard for me to go for washroom all the time. I used to drink a water a lot and doing gym as well to maintain my physic as well. I cooked my food even serve. We use olive oil while cooking food. Never use microwave or any electrical machine cause raise to heat food. Wake up early in the morning & must go for walk. Laughter therapy is the best treatment to divert your mind but i prefer to saw comedy show. I eat food in limit but seven time in a day.

Hangout with friends is the major need to do. Don’t talk to someone on call for long time. Don’t listen music while working wearing headphone. Your ears will damage due to listing music in high volume for long term period. Eat ginger & drink lemon water ( help in lose weight), spices, dry fruits, tomato to increase eye sight.

Earned 18000$ yet from Fiverr within a year. I am tired to be on top rated i don’t know what else left to do. Please help guys :slight_smile:


Thank you for the great tips.


Hi @contentcruise! As your friendly neighborhood Physician / Fiverr Seller, I have to say I totally applaud your sentiment here!

I do want to point out for everyone’s general understanding, however, that the facts cited in the article you read are a bit off. “Water retention” is a very generalized term that we often use colloquially to refer to fluid shifts in our body. It’s true that when seated for long periods of time, we may not have the same cardiovascular benefits of moving around, but this in itself is not a large contributor to water retention. Eating potato chips, french fries, and other salty foods is, however :slight_smile:

BUT - I wholeheartedly agree with your bulletpoint suggestions! I’m especially a fan of #4 and #5 :slight_smile:

Best of luck here - and as they say, “Be well”!



Reply to @david388: "As your friendly neighborhood Physician / Fiverr Seller, I have to say I totally applaud your sentiment here!"

That’s a USP on Fiverr if ever I saw one. :slight_smile:

@theOP: good idea to post this. I’ve been so busy today I’ve done no exercise. That’s not right! Time for a short walk before it gets dark.


Reply to @sara1984: I’m going to sound like a total dummy, but what’s a USP?


Reply to @david388: Haha, a unique selling point, something that differentiates you.


Reply to @david388: Thank you so much for your comment and education, I totally agree with you. I am a layman on health issues, so I don’t take experts advise with levity; its always better to be on the safe side.

Yea, “Be well”!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Reply to @abidagfx: Thanks too, am glad you read it. Cheers :slight_smile:


Reply to @sara1984: haha, I see - thanks!


I see lots of positive comments on this post. Honestly, I think it’s a weird post for an e-commerce website. Anyone can claim to be a medical expert too, whether the OP or commenters. I would hope no one would take advantage of another by posting fictitious information, but unfortunately it happens. To those reading - please be cautious out there.

Otherwise, if you (the OP) intended this to be helpful and not to sell anything or otherwise manipulate people, thanks. Stock photos and unusual posts tend to make me wonder what’s up.


Hey. Awesome post. After sitting behind a computer for about 18 months, I realized I needed some changes.

I got a jawbone to measure my activity and my calorie intake (which I am not an affiliate for) This is not a paid advertisement. :slight_smile:

About 2 months ago, I started walking 6-12 miles a day, 7 days a week. I walk a 3 minute mile so this take me some time. I offset the time by listening to every self-help business podcast I can get my hands on. I don’t feel like I’m wasting time. I’m not only investing in my health but also in my personal development. And I think it makes my videos look better… Maybe!

I already cook 2-3 meals a day from scratch for me and my wife. I just need to cut back on the bacon!


Reply to @landongrace: Oh…There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts exact 3 miles from my house. That’s how I get my 6 miles in!


Reply to @alexcreativity: Wow! Looks like I have a role model already. Nothing like keeping a safe and healthy lifestyle. I like the angle of “laughter therapy”, but how do you do that; do you just go on laughing, or how? Lol!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers :slight_smile:


You are right! I have just started Fiverr for 3 weeks and I feel like I haven’t stand up in decades 'cause I like sports and outdoor activities so much.

I really need to make a new schedule and try to manage my time better.

Thank your for your tips !


Thanks for a nice post,

I always have a bottle of water and some fruits on my workplace :wink:


It is better if you reschedule and build a healthy work plan.

Thanks for your comment.


Unfortunately in the 2.5 years that @giangpiepie was waiting for your reply, they did not stand up and carpal tunnel has set in. Try to reply quicker in future!

/jks :slight_smile:


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