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Only cancellations for late delivery to hit level


I’ve just had somebody order 8 separate gigs and then ask for mutual cancellation on all of them as he wants to order from somebody quicker. Mutual cancellation was asked for within 2 hours of placing the order. People don’t realise this affects sellers. If I didnt cancel then I can risk negative feedback at the end, and if I do cancel I can lose level. There is nothing protecting sellers at all in this cancellation malarkey. According to customer support it would only take a couple of cancellations to lose level as a TRS, and that’s not fair. Perhaps a cancellation reason should be brought into action, where if the reason is ‘buyer misordered’ or something it doesn’t affect us.


I agree…buyers are killing us with their stupidity or lack of concern…I would ask Support to cancel all of those for you and see if that negates the negative effect in some way.


Don’t… @Madmoo knows how much I get this too, bad times… for every 10 good orders there’s a cancellation rearing it’s head