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ONLY FOR INDIANS: How You Show Fiverr Income In Income Tax Return?



i wanted to know that how you show fiverr or Paypal income in income tax return. Please Advise.


same here. ITR-4 . what about if we indians not pay and wait for notice?

paypal >pan >bank === means we need to pay tax


Reply to @rajin90: i want to know how Indians are showing their Paypal or Fiverr Income on their Tax Returns.


it depends upon what purpose code chose . jounalism or internet services come under ITR 4 and it has lot of other details too. i am confused about those details too

need to make an email to news-channels and that LAKOTIA guy


Reply to @rajin90: I Use advertising and Marketing as Purpose Code


The purpose code doesn’t matter at all.

If your income is more than 2,00,000 INR Per year, You’re definite to show your income in the form of tax returns.

You should speak to a tax consultant, who can help you with this


@profitgroup do you even know about tax? why is purpose code there?

why deductions exist in tax system. why there exist different types of tax forms?

@seoresources730 i didn’t checked much of tax-forms but everything related to online work falls into ITR4


Hey there sir. I’m new here in Fiverr and I’m from India and it would be great if you could let me know the purpose code for transferring the amount from fiverr into my back account through paypal. Thank you so much.