Only for venezuelan people (perhaps)


Hi panitas! I wonder to know how do you use the money from Fiverr? I did not spent any dollar still and I am trying to know how people in my country are doing???


Hi @ldnarquitectura,

I just withdrawn the money to my paypal and then change it to bolivares using an exchange company. :smile:


I don’t have paypal? When do you validate your paypal account?


And what exchange company you are using?


@ldnarquitectura Hi! my Panal! :grinning:
well I withdrawn the fiverr money to my paypl account :grinning: then change it to Bolivares here [unapproved url removed] :wink:
but I opened my account several years ago and my account has not been verified yet … I noticed that paypl have new rules . . . so. . . more difficult to open a paypl account now? :thinking:


Hi deivys20071!! Thanks for your reply :sunglasses: I have an account of paypal since many years too but I’ve never used before… Somebody told me that it doesn’t matter if it is not verified yet to convert to Bs it is OK anyway? Is it right then?
I send all my money from here to a payoneer!!! How much there is to pay for every sending to paypal from fiverr?
I am looking for how it is the more easy way to convert to Bs the money that I have in the card???
I will review the site you’ve advised.


@Idnarquitectura :wink: you can use paypl 100% without problems :smiley:
also the best way is paypl :smiley:

*fiverr money to paypal = 1$ :smiley:



For exchange I use Appbb (you can find them on face/book) and they can help you validate your paypal account too. They’re awesome, 100% recommended!

I also requested not long ago a Payoneer card, but this one I don’t recommend you to use it here in Venezuela.


Interesting, I was searching about that page right now but it seems like basic (?) I know I will not use it my payoneer here. That is for use only on internet ($ only) I never use here, But maybe I will try on just to see how is?


I am just searching how can I do or what should I do? I will search THe FB page you recommended. Thanks!


Hola, vivo en venezuela. Soy totalmente nueva en fiverr pero te puedo ayudar en el cambio, utiliza AirTM !!! Allí podrás cambiar desde payoneer, paypal y mas, hasta cuentas bancarias de venezuela

Mod Note: Google translate :arrow_right: Hi, I live in Venezuela. I’m totally new to fiverr but I can help you in the change, use AirTM !!! There you can change from payoneer, paypal and more, to bank accounts of venezuela


Thanks aleikadelnogal!!! I am trying with AirTM, it is a world but I think I can do it by that way too!


Hello friend, I am also from Venezuela :guiño:
I read the comments and saw that you already have an account in Paypal … this is what I do, this is what I recommend:
Manage your Paypal account, this is the fastest method, is what I recommend. FIVERR is fast and instant when you make the deposit to your Paypal account!
After you have your $ in Paypal change them in Airtm! or invest them in gift cards, example in Amazon and in venezuela they sell very fast
read well of all this friend topic :guiño:
I hope I’ve been helpful :Gafas de sol:
Blessings :smiley:


Hi! when you opened your PayPal account, did you choose Venezuela as your hometown? or did you choose The US?


I chose Venezuela, but I’m not using Paypal anymore. I prefer withdrawing my payments to my Payoneer card, it’s better and easier to use them from there.


Hi! Following your previous recommendations I was using Paypal to withdraw the money from here… Until They Blocked my account!!! I will use again Payoneer again…


Panitas !!! from Venezuela… Use Payoneer instead of Paypal for payments!!


Hi @ldnarquitectura

Why should we? Is there any inconvenience?

Thanks in advance


Hi maitasun, The reason is because Paypal is blocking several accounts without any notification. They said would be only for 2 days but it is pretty sure would be 6 months blocked!!! A friend of mine tell me was happening to me. I had never think that could happening to me too.



Your PP account is Vzla or US-based?