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Only for venezuelan people (perhaps)





I opened it in 2010…


Well, that’s weird :thinking:

Paypal is country specific so, if you’re in Vzla and use your venezuelan account, there should be no problem.

Anyway, thank you, I’ll let you know if this issue ever happens to me.


Ok. I have my account in Paypal unblocked already… Now I am with the same question… Paypal Or Payonneer what is better for venezuelan people…


Hello Friend! Blessings!
I am also from Venezuela
I have always worked with Paypal, is Payonner better to withdraw funds? at the time of change is it more feasible?

if you can give me some advice please
thanks friend!


I find that it is easier to change my $ from Payoneer to Bs than it is from Paypal. I don’t use my Payoneer here :eyes: , I don’t take it to the ATM nor I use it in stores.


Hello lianniandrade! how are you?

How do you change your $ from Payoneer to Bsf ???
could you help me please

I used paypal through Airtm, but it charges a lot of commission … choose to do it directly with known

thanks and blessings


I have a friend to whom I send the $ to their Payoneer and they send me Bs to my venezuelan bank account


ok ok perfect, i understand you
Thank you


I don’t understand you Lilian. :woman_shrugging:t2:Where or how do you use your payoneer card in Venezuela to get bolívares???


El El mié, 15 de ago. de 2018 a las 4:16 p. m., abrahamjgs escribió:


You can buy a Gift card in a site (Amazon, google play, etc) with your payoneer and sell the gift card for Bolivares, or you can use the payoneer option “Make a payment” to another user to obtain Bolivares.


Ahhhh. I got it. But my payoneer card don’t alow me to send money to others. I only can receive money

El El mié, 15 de ago. de 2018 a las 4:21 p. m., lianniandrade escribió:


The option “make a payment” is available after some transactions in your account, but you can´t know how many transactions you need, if you can “make a payment” buy a Amazon gift card and sell it for bolivares.


I buy things online with my payonerr card this way don’t have to deal with the exchange headache


Yes, that is a good option. Thanks for your tip.

I hope you are having a great WE!