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Only Getting Scammers

I recently got scammed really badly through a fraudulent Graphic Design gig that happened over Indeed, and I got a Fiverr account because I was told that the site is very hard on scammers. I know it’s only been 5 or so days, but I have been getting scammers exclusively. It’s the same thing every time; asking me to make them an Upwork account and contact them off-site because they can’t make an American account, telling me they’ll pay me thousands; always the same story.

I’m having a really hard time managing the frustration of this; I quit my last job for the Graphic Design job, so I’m trying my best to treat my current unemployment as a learning opportunity. Unfortunately, it’s getting more and more difficult to get nonstop rejection letters from potential employers, and then only get scammers through Fiverr. I know that getting a job in Graphic design is nigh impossible if you don’t have years of experience or live in the right location (moving isn’t an option since my bank account was completely drained in a fraud claim), so I’m at a loss for what to do. I feel like I advertise myself as regularly as I can with no results, so I eventually stop reminding people, since there’s not much point.

I’m debating if getting this account was a waste of my time, and if I’m going to be stuck unable to find a job, or working minimum wage trying to pay for medicine and food that I can’t afford.


That’s something you don’t know beforehand. It’s not easy and not right for everyone. You really need to have another income source rather than sitting around waiting for your fiverr gigs to take off. Even if they do, it’s usually a slow process. You won’t earn enough to live on for possibly years. The first year you also should expect to have very low prices until you can build up a good reputation with your reviews.


Stick with it for a while and you’ll probably get fewer scammers. We all get them but the newer you are, the higher the chance/the more often.

Just don’t waste time thinking about it. As soon as you see such a message, report and forget, to waste the least possible amount of time.

Nobody can guarantee that you’ll succeed here, but with a skill and good communication, you have a good chance.


Hmm…that’s a little disquieting. I’m still looking for work, pretty fervently at that, but I’m not having much luck finding even entry level minimum wage jobs. I’m way overstaying my welcome in my current living situation, so with what you’re telling me, I’m beginning to worry that maybe my panic is justified.

I really appreciate the encouragement; it’s very easy for me to get bummed out by how things are going, so outside perspective is helpful. If I can’t get a new job, I’m kind of screwed, but at least I have a chance here, I suppose.

It hasn’t occurred to me that people would start with a gig and assume it’s going to start providing them with enough money to live on quickly. This is a business you are starting and most businesses fail within a short time. I do hope you can find something for employment until your gigs starts to provide you with an income and it might not be in your preferred field of work at first.

Don’t get bummed out. Just realize the realities of what this is. This isn’t a magic bullet to solve employment problems. Eventually, for some, it can be that, but usually takes some time.


I don’t exactly have much reason to keep trucking if I can’t find any kind of sustainable work; I’m losing any kind of coverage for medical expenses and living without assistance for the rest of my life, and I have nothing else I can do at this point except for crank out cover letters and get rejected. This is a last resort since nothing else has worked.

I don’t expect it to be a magical solution, but I also don’t expect to make it to 30; if this kinda thing keeps happening, I might as well end it. You said it yourself; it’s most likely to fail.

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I see that your starting price is $40. You might want to lower that, at least for the basic package (you can have 3 packages), until you get enough reviews.

Also, you mention that you ave experience with storyboards, flyers, logos… You could create gigs for those, too.


Keep looking for other opportunities but keep trying this here too. Read the advice you can find on this forum, in the Fiverr Blog and Seller Help Center to make your Gigs attractive, do everything you can to optimize them for search and to entice buyers.

I had a quick look at your profile and gig, I like your profile description, and the gig images are nice but your description is much too short, you have 1200 characters, use them to make people want to buy and to put relevant keywords in.
You want your gig to show up when buyers search for certain keywords. It might also be a good idea to offer not just that one package but 3 packages, and have one cheaper package as an appetizer.
Make it something that won’t take you so much time, so you’d be okay to offer it for a lower price, at least initially, until you’d get some reviews and momentum.
But now we’re in “Improve my Gig category” territory, so I’ll stop here - you can post a link to your gig there and ask for constructive criticism for your gig.


Thank you both for the advice; it means so much to me, especially since it’s been so long since I’ve gotten actual advice and not just being told to advertise more or network with more people. I’ll take it to heart.


Advertising and networking are all good, but first you need a few awesome gigs with cool graphics, to really show off your talent.

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Recently, I almost got scammed for a SEO project from a Freelancer. He barely responded to my messages the only time we really had any communication was when he wanted the GIG and was trying his best to convince me. He sent me an incorrect login information for a project that was never completed and asked me more than once to give me full access to my E commerce store.

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