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Only getting students who want me to write their exams

Oh, for the love of…

I’ve been offering scientific services, such as research and proofreading for Earth Sciences, for about 3/4s of a year now, and I actually had three or four legitimate buyers. Ever since the last two deals closed, the algorithm seems to have decided to give me more exposure, and I’m getting about 3-5 individual buyer requests per week, all of them asking me to do their homework, answer their exam questions etc. I always tell them I can’t and won’t do that (as per the rules, but also because it’s morally wrong) and offer them tutoring instead. Nobody wants tutoring, they don’t want to learn anything, they just want to buy their way out of it. Argh! I’m so annoyed about this!

Just needed to vent, thanks for listening.


That frustrating t o go through it every other week. You can put a note on top of your gig that homework are not allowed in bold so that will save you some of the time.


Fellow teacher here and I get where you’re coming from. I used to get tons of requests to proofread English language homework on my proofreading gig. I resorted to reporting their accounts for attempting to break ToS and called it a day. I also had a copy-pasted response explaining my moral and ethical stance on the matter aside from being a ToS violation. If they learned something from it, great. If not, then I’m not responsible for their education and it’s their life.

Out of curiosity, do you state in your gig that you don’t do people’s homework? I’m sure you have a clause somewhere but I wanted to mention that I doubled down by including a couple of questions in my FAQ to address and hammer the point further.


I do have a FAQ entry, but that doesn’t seem to be visible enough. So far I have refrained from adding a bold warning to the top of my gig description, since that doesn’t look very inviting. Also I guessed the algorithm probably favours gigs that generate messages from buyers, but if this keeps up I will add such a line.

I did wonder if I should report these people, but it seemed to me that it’s only a ToS violation to sell academic works, not to buy them. Did I get that wrong?

I used to report them, but I found CS does nothing about it as they continue to be on the Fiverr platform.

Like @yannisenglish, I have Quick Response. I reply to them with and then I move on. If they book my gig, I contact CS and have the order canceled without affecting my stats.

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Apparently, the frequency has increased to daily. I’ve added the note discussed above to my gig, hoping it’ll stop now. :tired_face:

I looked at your gig and it talks about giving answers that are high school level and various other quality levels. That may be what is attracting them to you.


Yeah, that’s possible. Let’s see if my new deterrent works… otherwise I might have to think of better wording for the basic level.

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I think you are seeing that kind of activity because we live in a fast-food culture.

You know, gimme food that I don’t have to prepare…NOW!!!

I think you have two choices here.

Either just get used to it and continue to offer tutoring (a smart alternative, BTW) or remove that Gig and go a different direction.

It is an interesting problem to have, I must admit, and hope you find a solution that works best for you.

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It worked! Immediately after I added the big fat I WON’T DO YOUR HOMEWORK, the requests stopped. Until now. This week, four students, three of them today only, sent me the exact same assignment. Apparently they are all from the same school and apparently it’s due on Monday. After getting into an argument with one of them, I’m now “out of office” until Tuesday. Trololo… :upside_down_face:


Hopefully, they all get turned down. However, there are many sellers who do not know about TOS or are willing to do homework in spite of TOS. I hope both the students who all have the same assignment hire the same seller and turn in the same work and get in trouble for it. :smiling_imp:

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