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Only gigs of friends of fiverr admin get features or most sales ,is that right?

only gigs of friends of fiverr admin get features is that right?

Hi d_professionals - I understand your frustration but it is kind of harsh. But I get it…but I don’t think Fiverr friendship has anything to do with who gets featured.

Everyday I check similar gigs to mine and boy-oh-boy do I wonder, but I won’t put anyone down in a public forum because I know they work just as hard and must’ve had great feed back then when they were selected. My quality and presentation is different and my time will come, and maybe my competitors buyers don’t want what I offer. And it’s okay.

I don’t let it stress me because I do get a lot of orders too, just not as much and would love to be featured. It seems like have to wait a year to be featured or considered a TRS based off what I can gather (I could be wrong). But I will not dwell on editors not picking me. My work speaks for itself and I continue to get training on many programs to get better and offer more.

I am working on other social promotions and marketing strategies to bring in more customers…just not here. I recommend you look into it and decide if you want redirect your prospects to your Fiverr page(s) or your own website (for example). It always helps to have a few places to showcase your services/goods in hopes of increasing revenue stream.

I will not give up on Fiverr. This place is amazing and it saves Sellers a lot of advertising dollars too. Fiverr made me realize a demand for what I enjoy doing and has completely revamped my video editing skill set. I’m totally stoked about it!

Reply to @wingle: Haha, thanks!

Not right at all.

If you’re not selling any gigs the reason is probably a simple one and one that’s easy to fix.

You need to promote your own gigs. Friends, Family, Facebook, Twitter… Use all of them!

It’s not the job of Fiverr to promote your gigs and get you sales. You have to do that yourself.

Absolutely Wrong.

I have no support person as a friend, and i always criticize them for various reasons yet my gig is being featured and getting awesome sales.

You must create unique gig with quality to deliver. And promote your gigs and get hundreds of sales each month and you will get attention of fiverr content editors.


wingle said: get hundreds of sales each month and you will get attention of fiverr content editors

Not true. I've sold 1000s of gigs and not got the attention of the content editors. And I have a perfect rating, which, I'm not ashamed to say is no small feat when dealing in the high sales.

I know, I know, it's probably the field my gigs are in, but... the... well... it is what it is.

I get a lot of sales and I’m not all that friendly. :wink:

Never met any of the Fiverr admin. Or any staff. But had a gig featured once, and listed in special (holiday-related) front pages (not featured, but among the first few rows of gigs shown) and targeted emails, too. And because my work is s-s-l-l-o-o-w-w to do, I do not have thousands of sales. I barely have hundreds!

I do, however, have a good rating, and I work very hard to keep that.

So, @d_professionals, sorry, you’re incorrect!

Reply to @bigbadbilly: That is a one factor i told about sales.

Other factors such as presentation, customer support to buyer and high quality images or stuff being presented and deliverd. But in the end it is upto content editors what they like and also depends on mood i guess. :slight_smile:

Reply to @jtengle: Your banner ad gig is awesome. It deserved to be featured! :slight_smile:

Friends i know i am wrong but its just you get frustrated when you see ""quality of work ( very poor) "of the people who are featured and have hundred of orders in que

d_professionals said:
  • Friends i know i am wrong but its just you get frustrated when you see ""quality of work ( very poor) "of the people who are featured and have hundred of orders in que

How do you know their work is poor?

i am talking about the graphics color combinations and the work that is not neat enough

with all respect, you really deserve to be the top seller , ryangillam you have excellent profile :slight_smile:

I don’t know what to believe, but on my niche (SEO) I see that are promoted only spammers, only sellers that are lying their customers and deliver horrible SEO services that destroy thousands of websites (buyers’ websites). After that terible experiences, some buyers come to me to recover them websites against Google’s penalties…

Also, even if I have over 1.000 positive feedbacks (and 100% positive rating), I was never featured on Fiverr, and since one year I’m still a level 2 seller (but I can see many spammers are featured and now some of them are Top Sellers).

The most of time I believed that only people that deliver a high quality work will be featured or made Top Sellers, but in real life the theory remains only phylosophy, not a practice rule…