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Only person on Fiverr Offering my Gigs - 1 of a Kind

Very surprised several of my Gigs haven’t been copied - My Original idea, of cutting out people names or words from Craftwood was then duplicated to add a Business Card Holder. Check it out and for the next 7 days ( until Nov 9th 2014 ) no extra fee for Names over 8 letters.

Your Name or Business Name as a Business Card Holder

Also check my over unique Gigs

24 Hours from Order to Shipping

The Below Names are the Cutest, they stand around 4.5cm ( almost 2 inches ) and I cut lots for Childrens Rooms and Office Desks. Great Personalised Gift for any friend or relation.

More Images - Business Card Holder

Something Different

Great Attention Grabber for a Photographer