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Only scammers contact me

So far I had only one real customer reach me out, all other people were individuals that offering me outside illegal activities (which I report every time).
I think Fiverr do me harm by not promoting my gigis to the others. My offerts stay visible only shortly after I publish them. Fiverr needs to bring customers to me, not letting the false frauds to spam me all of the time. Don’t waste my time, even low paid third world employees make more that Fiverr freelancer.


Speak for yourself not for everyone and that way you won’t be wrong.


Um, not all. Not at all. It’s not fiverr’s fault if a seller doesn’t earn anything.


Nah-ah friend. Working and earning on Fiverr is neither manna nor rocket science. You have to earn it.

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Of course it is. But for that to happen I need to re-make new gig in order to to attract views. Any gigs that had views at some point in early stage are now in the oblivion. It will be good if Fiverr doesn’t promote only the most successful freelancers, but left some attention for the beginners here. Yeah I get it, it’s hard work to earn trust and reputation here, but it looks like dead end if the situations is like that.

So your gigs got some views early on but didn’t make sales - why would Fiverr continue to promote a gig that doesn’t make sales? Take a look at what went wrong, why you didn’t convert views to sales and accept that maybe it’s not Fiverr that’s doing things wrong.


I truly understand how you feel but it’s Fiverr’s algorithm, you’ll have to work your way through the maze. Everyone has had their fair share of struggles on Fiverr, including many TRSs you see today.