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Only sell the things or services for which your eligible to fulfill the promise


My tip for new seller is only “Only sell the things or services for which your eligible to fulfill the promise”. To get a better getting started and a great “First Feedback” you should promise selling those things or services which you are pretty sure and satisfied to fulfill according to buyer expectation. Some of key steps to be successful of are.

Be honest.

Quick Responding.

Fast Turnaround.

Provide Sample before getting started.

Revision Promise.

Meet deadline.

By fulfilling these some steps you are one step away from success.


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You are absolutely right @mnsv283 :slight_smile:


Great tips for new seller! Really amazing. I’ll take into consideration for success.


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Good Success Ideas.

Thank so much for sharing such a great tips.

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Great tips. I am new seller on I’ll act on these.

Thanks a lot.


@mnsv283 Did you intend to start a Data Entry gig contest?

The 4 replies so far from:





ALL list their data entry gigs just like you did!

Now instead of looking solely at your gig, as a buyer I now have four more Data Entry gigs to consider (without me having to hunt myself to find them)

To me, your post now reads like I am an employer with five candidates to interview for my one data entry vacancy

Wonder how many more will join this Data Entry ‘interview’ list :-B


Yes you are absolutely right:)


I try to lie as much as possible to buyers.


mnsv283 said: Yes you are absolutely right

How? B-)