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Only seven (7) gigs allowed for me


Hello guys, i want to know if am the only one experiencing this. When i created 7 gigs and am about to create another one, the system gave me an error and said am only allowed to create a maximum of 7 gigs. What could be wrong? Anyone experiencing thesame thing.


read this one


As a new seller on Fiverr, you are only allowed to create 7 Gigs.


So how do you become a ‘not new seller’ so as to create more than 7 gigs?


Reply to @jeffnapier: when you will be old on fiverr you will become a not new seller :slight_smile:


Reply to @abidagfx: :smiley:


And when you become an old seller? after a week? a year? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello - I have searched all over the Fiverr forum, blog, F&Q and I can’t seem to find my answer. I only have 1 gig and I am trying to change my ‘banner’ photo and I can’t even bring up my own gig to edit it. Sorry to sound so ‘daft’ but is there anyone here who can answer my question? I probably won’t be able to find my way back here for the answer…smh…going to try this anyway.


Reply to @estatistics: How fast do you make these stuff? haha It takes me forever to do something like this on Paint haha


Hi Mr check here you find all information you need about you question


Kind of you to help, but the post is 2 years old, and the seller is no longer on Fiverr.