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Only Top Rated sellers are mostly featured you need to see this

I joined fiverr over a month and my first month was nothing to write about as I was unable to make constant sales.

I observe that fiverr mostly feature their top rated sellers making it difficult for new sellers who might even have something better than the top rated seller. Well, I know there are lots of sellers here on fiver and trying to please everyone by getting their gig featured won’t be all that easy. Am only suggesting that new sellers should get featured often. The top rated sellers were once new sellers and were probably fortunate to be part of fiverr while there was little or no competition.



Hi Debra, Every TRS had to start at the bottom and some of them didn’t get any sales in their first month or even several months. This site very rarely offers overnight success.

New sellers don’t always get featured, though some do if they get an idea for a unique gig that buyers would want. Sometimes it’s luck. Who knew someone would make a living doing silly dances with chocolate syrup on their belly?

New sellers DO get a big boost for a little while. They show up for a bit under the “new” category unless they are selling things like social media likes or amazon reviews.

As to TRS getting all the featured spots, I don’t see it. The main page varies but mine has level 2 featured website testers, sketch artists, a guy who ships you a custom book safe, and a level 1 holding up signs at holy places in the middle east.

When I go into the categories I’d say well over a quarter of featured gigs are level 2, though they tend to offer gigs with a twist. These days I doubt a lot of non-TRS are featured if they have basic logo design, photoshopping, backlinks, spun blog articles, seo article writing, proofreading, e-book covers, background removal or anything else common unless it has a special edge.

No offense intended, but I really think levels 0-2 can do well with patience and seriously excellent skills.

You have all the tools now to be really successful.

I entered in to the market just like you in Fall of 2013. I showed up in the new section for several days and I got some hits because I offered an 80% discount and 24 hour delivery in regard to my competition. Even now as a TRS, I have still had my highest sales months as Level 2 and I have never been featured.

Most of my success now is from developing repeat customers and offering gigs that are easily needed over and over again by the same customers. Even at TRS, I am rarely in the first page or 2 of the search.

There is about 3000 “Seo article” gigs today. It is difficult to really show all of them on the first page. That is why I really feel that the system shuffles and randomly posts them and tries to help with exposure.

As an article writer. You could consider targeting websites that need content ever week. If you gained 6 new repeat customers every month, after 6 months you would have 36 weekly orders from customers you are comfortable with. They know your style and there is low risk in delivery. You will then have to pause your gig because you can’t take any additional orders and at that point would you want the hassle of having to help a new customer learn how you work.

Also there is an interested dynamic when you go into pause mode. You have added scarcity to your service and your prices can actually go up because of the demand with your regulars. The customer is gracious that you took their project on even though you were full.

You are joking right? First of all, you offer writing services but your profile description has a few grammatical errors in it. Fix those first and then come back to hate on TRS’s.

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It seems that the more New Sellers are offered the more some of them demand. New sellers NOW get gig extras and extra fast options at the very start, while previous sellers had to actually EARN levels to be able to offer them. Why should Top Rated Sellers or even level 2 sellers be penalized and featured less so newer unproven sellers can be GIVEN exposure over them? Then what happens when you are no longer a new seller and sales drop off for you? Should then rules then mysteriously change again in your favor?

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I have seen plenty of new seller with only a handful of reviews who got featured. This is a choice made by fiverr staff. If you have a unique gig or even a great video you might be chosen as well :wink:

I don’t agree because I’ve never had any of my gigs featured. I show up in high ranking gig but only because I’ve established myself as such.

Speaking on what Dtongsports notes, I saw lots of grammatical errors in your description as well as something else interesting. Did you happen to get an idea of how to create your rewrite gig description using my rewrite gig’s description? If so, might I suggest you change it up further to avoid duplication.

Yours: I’m a PROFESSIONAL WRITER who have been writing for online Marketing Companies, Websites, Blogs, etc. since 2009. I will manually Rewrite any article up to 1500 Words.

MIne: I’m a PROFESSIONAL WRITER with a Journalism degree. I’m a former reporter turned freelancer who will manually REWRITE your article UP TO 500 words, be free of spelling & grammar mistakes, & using AP style to edit material.

Yours: I never use software. All articles or contents will be manually rewritten. I will completely write your content so it looks unique and Copyscape doesn’t pick it up as duplicate content.

Mine: I never use spinning software. All articles are manually rewritten. I will completely write your material so it says the same thing but looks different & copyscape doesn’t pick it up as duplicate content.

(And, for anyone wondering about this second part from hers and mine, I used to say it looks unique but changed it up right before I went on vacation and had to alter it for the 1200 character count).

@emeraldawnn Maybe she used your gig description to learn rewriting! If so, she needs a LOT more practice. :wink:

I’m a TRS that started in a crowded market and have never had a single featured gig. So, you know, maybe work on offering something worthwhile instead of blaming the system. I wouldn’t hire you as a writer. Even your post here is riddled with mistakes. Know does not equal no. <- You owe me $5 now.

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jtengle said: I'm a TRS that started in a crowded market and have never had a single featured gig. So, you know, maybe work on offering something worthwhile instead of blaming the system.

I’m in the same boat and could not say it better, spin it, or even rewrite it. :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt:I’ve got to admit - some of it was pretty bad (grammar wise) Geeze.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks for sharing your opinion here

Reply to @landongrace: Thanks for the advice. Am grateful

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Reply to @emeraldawnn: Sorry, probably a coincidence. I’ll edit immediately!

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks for making mockery.

Reply to @seowriterqueen: You are welcome except that what I said was more of a light joke. If I wanted to mock there is plenty I could say but I won’t.

Reply to @jtengle: Just a minor mistake and you’re crucifying me. Lot of hate in here!

Reply to @seowriterqueen: That’s hyperbolic. I’m just saying you need to focus more on editing your spelling, grammar, and punctuation in order to sell your gigs. It has nothing to do with top rated sellers being promoted over you. In fact, Fiverr has been doing a lot to promote new sellers lately. You have more tools now than I did starting out.

Reply to @seowriterqueen: No one is hating or crucifying you one bit. If you think so, you need thicker skin. All that has happened is that you made a statement on a public forum and some people disagreed with you. It also caught the attention of one of your fellow sellers that you took some text from her gig and surely you can understand why that is a problem, right?

I really don’t know why you think you are being mistreated, you are just seeing honesty.