Only youtube links are allowed to view videos... WHY?!


Youtube has TERRIBLE quality. Vimeo is FAR superior, and as someone who provides video work I’d like the ability to display my work in the BEST possible medium.

I have so many samples to show people and I cant even think about the idea of having to upload all my work to youtube.

Is this something we can give some thought to?




At present it’s YT only. It could change tomorrow, next year or never.

In the meantime do yourself a favor and get on YT.

Why do you have to upload all your work?

Just upload a few to show your best work as it relates to Fiverr.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Reply to @voiceoverwork: You’re right I can just make a sizzle reel and put it on youtube. (Whenever I find that time) But the fact that people aren’t allowed to go to my website or my Vimeo doesn’t help me very much since its ALL already there.

Suggestion taken though. I’ll get on making something for YT.