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please how do i sell my goods on fiverr reply me back thanks…


onome00361: make gig


Delete contact details on page.

I mean, first of all you need to project enough professionalism to engender trust that you have an awesome service that delivers on-time with great packaging and policies broken deliveries etc.

Right now you sell everything and anything, ask simple questions that can be answered with Google and are breaking TOS with your phone numbers–one of which you forgot the country code, so is next to useless anyway and…

…yeah, I’ll stick with ELTA/Royal Mail/DHL/UPS/FedEx, thanks.


Hello Emmaki, can you tell me how i will create gigs that will make me money?


We can no longer look at people’s gigs and profiles?

I can’f find out how to do that. Were you able to do that somehow emmaki?


@misscrystal I believe that will be fixed soon and locked down to edits. In the meantime, yours has been set for you to show your profile, etc.


onome00361 Make a post in Improve my Gig and ask for that advice there.