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Onsite opportunity being a network Administrator

Dear all,

Please suggest and help me out. i will be waiting for your replies :slight_smile:


What is it you are asking?

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I think he’s asking for job opportunities…

Afraid to break this to you, buddy, but if you’re just going to sit around waiting for advice from the forum folks, you’re not going to make many sales :confused:


This is the wrong place to look for that kind of a job.


i m asking the scope of network engineer in your country basically i m from india and planning to go outside with my job :wink:

my sale on no technical stuff like money making ideas which is my part time job i m getting paid in fiveer rather than my technical stuff gig on which i work…so asking the scope of it outside …what evr i think from heart i just post in forum :yum:

You would be much better off going to country-specific employment forums and asking there. I would suggest this is a good place to start: