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Ontime Delivery Rating is Decreasing and Gig is nowhere in the Search Result

Two weeks ago I had 2-3 late delivery and my “delivered on time” rating came to 94% and I can’t find my gig nowhere in search result pages. The gig used to appear in the first page before.

After that, I have completed 2-3 orders and my “delivered on time” rating again came to 95%. Today I have completed another order on time, but instantly the rating decreased to 94% again instead of increasing.

  1. Why my delivered on time rating is decreased, even when I submitted my orders on time?
  2. Why my gig is nowhere in the search result page?

Can anyone help me in this issue, I don’t understand fiverr’s algorithm correctly.

Thank You


The delivered on time rating is based on the percentage of your orders delivered within the past 60 days. So everyday it may change based on the total orders you’ve had within the past 60 days.

Also, Fiverr does gig rotation a lot. You are not assured to stay on the first page. And truth be told, your first page when you search is not the same first page other people see.

Anyway, if you’re worried your gig doesn’t show up on ANY page. You can try this link:
Gig → My gig doesn’t appear on search → (There will be a drop down box to choose what gig you mean) … You will know if your gig is active and showing up, or if it is under review, etc.

Hi, thank you for your reply. I searched this, it shows - my gig is active. But I see the gig is nowhere in the result pages. Even I tried to search with the full title of my gig, but no result. For the last week, no new buyers message, no new buyers orders. Have some running order of old client’s.

The impressions was 15k, but now it is 2.5k. So disappointed,

I see, yes a lot of other sellers on the forum have shared a similar situation to yours. It really is what they call “gig rotation.” No one in the forum has figured it out yet as well. :confused:

Okay, some seller suggested me the same. But, I am concerning when my gig will start ranking again, :neutral_face:

You should try reading this thread! It’s interesting and maybe you can try some suggestions from there.

Thank you so much. I will go through this thread.