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Ooooh poor buyers :O :O


How they are going to go through 216 Offers from sellers :open_mouth:

I think something happened in buyer request option

He will go for the first 3-4 offers and will not see all 216 offers.


usually the fiverr has a limit as i know


I can almost guarantee that most of those are nonsense replies from people with multiple accounts. The buyer will likely just run through the list quickly deleting all those til he is left with about 5 decent responses. Honestly, it would take 10 minutes to do.


I also have sent an offer thats why im thinking when i send the offer there was only 3


Now it has gone up to 331 :open_mouth:


I think today something is wrong… did you faced it in the past?


Sure no one has time to see all… Even those seller are crazy whose sent offer later


They can’t go that’s why no one new coming


Like @eoinfinnegan said, the buyer will skim through the offers (which are usually 90% garbage) and pick out the ones that actually reference and provide valuable insight into their request.

If I am a buyer and I am spending my hard earned $… I would surely go through all the requests to make sure I am getting the best deal.

I have had buyers come back to me even though my offer had been the 70th or 80th. What I am trying to say is that never try to be the “1st” in posting the offer. Always take your time and write a proper one.


Thank You. Im still a new here. i created the account in 2016 but didn’t use until This year :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: