Oops. Delays in paying sellers? What's up. Twice in two weeks... Glitches?!


Okay. Last week I submitted a ticket. A $24 dollar transaction didn’t clear on the due date. CS told me it’s a glitch and will clear in another 24 hours. Okay. Not happy - but it happens.

Today - same thing. Two transactions cleared. Funds not added to available balance. $24 transaction after that pending clearance. Two transactions thereafter also cleared, but funds not added to available balance. So it seems this $24 thing upsets the system’s nerve centre, and normal $4 revenues that clear first take a daytour to Disney before heading over to “available balance”.

In retail there is a way of knowing when there’s trouble - shelves are empty, or payments start arriving late. Now, for the first time in three years, we have payment delays and it’s being called a system “thing”. Really? Any trouble we should be aware of over there in the moneybox?


No problems here. It has been rock solid. I don’t audit it by the minute, although I did early on checking to make sure every penny moves just right.

Just keep reporting it every time. I have seen the non accounting functions of my site act quirky. I have a delivery error that has shown up about 4 times lately. Just send a ticket in to CS.

Waiting on Fiverr to post is alot easier than collect on a customer invoice. That’s one of the things I love about Fiverr!


Edit: My mistake. :] All is good.

However, I still suggest you take screenshots of your revenue page if you are concerned, just so you have proof on your end.


Well, I took a screenshot and posted my interaction with CS as a separate thread. Must say, amazing guys over at the Fiverr Moneybox. System development seems to be the cause of some “glitches”…


Have you been having this problem for a while or did it just start?


Hello I have this problem as well I did a withdrawal in this week on the 20th and it has it down as the 21st! I was also to receive some money on that day, as well as the following day and when I told CS they are saying that it has been cleared for the 20th, that is not true because I did the withdrawal before my funds were to be cleared, I thought I was the only one experiencing this.


I have a Invoice delays of $36 dollar. It has not been done clear on the due date.


No point in reviving a thread from almost 2 years ago - contact http://support.fiverr.com/