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Oops! Keep other work aside


Oops! Today my rating shows 98% instead of the usual 100%. Reason? Late delivery! Frankly speaking, I had finished writing the article but I had not submitted. What was holding me up? SMf forum testing on my local server. I had promised myself to take only 20 minutes then I submit, but instead, I took one hour. By the time I was through, unfortunately, the buyer had already cancelled the order. Staying with article would not have helped, so I sent it to the buyer anyway.

Yesterday I was boasting a clean record but today it’s a different story. I have to live with that negative feedback, “Seller failed to deliver on time”.

Anyway, I have a learnt a lesson (though the hard-way), “Finish, submit, proceed to your work”.

Anyone to comfort me? :frowning:


That is a hard lesson to learn. I always try and plan ahead, computer or power failure, life events happening. When a client orders my family tree gig as long as they have submitted the information I plug the data into the form fields and start a file for them thus it is started and I get it delivered as quickly as possible… Good luck and I am sure you will build your rating back up quickly


Reply to @madmoo: Is it possible for the buyer to retract that negative feedback when it is not about work quality but late delivery? If yes, I will be sending a humble request right away.


It is possible for the buyer to retract the rating. I once agreed with the buyer for an order to be cancelled. The buyer was going to send a mutual cancellation but never did and the next day clicked the late delivery notification instead. I contacted the buyer about it shortly afterwards (being kind and just wanted to know why he didn’t start the mutual cancellation). When we got to the bottom of it, he contacted CS and they removed the feedback.

I know it’s not the same situation but I just wanted to show that it is possible to have that feedback removed. It’s an automatic feedback though and not something the buyer writes so it might be a message to CS from the buyer to ask for its removal.


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Thanks. I appreciate your advice. Actually, I am starting to like the fact that my order was cancelled because it seems I will learn a lot from that experience.

I have a habit of procrastinating work, but as you have indicated, I will “always try and plan ahead” so that “I get it delivered as quickly as possible”.


BTW, why am I am appearing as a level one seller (on the forum) yet I am a level 2 seller (on Just asking.


It takes a NYC minute for both sites to sync, you new level will be reflected in a awhile, Congrats BTW


Reply to @madmoo: It’s over two weeks since my promotion. My active gigs are showing 100% but my ‘rating’ is 98% and I haven’t suspended any. But I think it’s the ratio you talked about in another thread–200 positives and one negative equals 100%–though mine are around 22 positives. And thanks for the advice, I will re-evaluate myself and see whether I will change the leadtime. Thanks.


Reply to @aingham69: I did send the work though, so I think It can be 50%-50%. He gets the work for free (since the order is already cancelled) and I, on my part, get that annoying negative feedback removed.