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I’m having this issue whenever i try to create a new gig. i’m a newbie to fiverr and i really want to make some money using my gigs. Anyone having this issue please post here their experience or solution to this issue.


Drop Customer Support a message.

this happened to me too… i sent to customer support but i am so scared. It happened after a client accidentally cancelled a gig and i was about to reach that client to tell him to send to customer support to undo the rating because he wasn’t meant to cancel but order more gigs… but when i was trying to reach him it did the error page and has been doing it since :S … i am freaking out I lost access to my page and i have a lot of work to finish!

I have this right now too! I need to get in! I hit the link to CS and the same thing happens!

The site has been up and down. Its up now.

Me too! I can’t change pictures!!!