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how to handle the crooks. I have delivered to them, but they did not pay ???

A buyer pays up front before you even start the work. The minute they click order and commit to it, it puts the payment into a type of escrow and when you deliver, your 80% is yours after clearance. There isn’t a way for a buyer to not pay, so what do you mean?

Thanks for helping! :slight_smile: but I noticed one of my clients did not pay more than 5 days. He is ignored order and no payment . and I have another question is when customers cancel order, they have lost something? like some money?

First a buyer places an order. This is when he pays.
Then you do the work. Not the other way around.

If you did the work before the buyer paid, you just did free work. He can ignore it all he wants because it isn’t an order. The buyer has to press the order button on your gig and list it as an active order and then he has already paid before you do the work.

If a buyer wants to cancel or you want to cancel, the buyers gets their gig money back. So, if they pay $5 and there is a cancellation, they get the $5 back.

As long as you clicked the “delivered work” button then you are safe. It doesn’t matter if they ignored your order or not, once it’s delivered the money is in your hands. Now you just have to wait for your payments to go through clearance.