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Open a new account from same Laptop



My one team member’s Fiverr Account had been suspended. Can she open another new Fiverr account on the same laptop??

Its an emergency.



Your ‘team member’ should contact Customer Services to ask their advice.


She contacted but they told that account never be opened. But she wants to create a new account.



But CS says she shouldn’t open a new account?

Sorry - I’m not quite sure what you mean by this?


She already asked to CS but they didn’t reply yet :frowning:


First you say that they answered her…

…and then that they didn’t.

Which one is it?

Anyway, if she opens a new account without the permission from Customer Support, she’ll just get banned again. It doesn’t matter whether she opens it from the same laptop or not, if she does it without the permission, she’ll be banned.


You just opened your account last month, so it didn’t take her long to get suspended. If she used your laptop you should get a new one, and a new internet service provider or fiverr may think you are both the same person.