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I’ve been a Fiverr member for 5 years.

I do not think individuals should be allowed to post main gig photos featuring people who are not actually the gig creator or seller.

Its incredibly misleading.

That is all


Fiverr agrees with you. But the platform is so massive, that Fiverr cannot patrol it adequately. You can report any such gigs you see by using the black :black_flag: on the sellers gig page.


Useful to know thank you

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Not to mention unnecessary. Whether it’s the seller themselves or some random and obscure instagram model, I’m not sure how plastering a giant image of the seller’s face across the main gig image is helpful or professional. Unless the seller’s appearance is directly related to the service they’re providing.


It baffles me why people think misleading buyers will lead to sales. And why they don’t see that it’s obvious they are lying.

I appreciate that there is a stigma against sellers from developing countries, but I don’t understand why people think this would solve it. It’s usually really obvious when someone is misrepresenting themselves.

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