Open for business 2018. Are you ready?


Here we go, a fresh year. What changes have you/are you making to your services, pricing and gigs?

I just took a spin through my library of “quick responses” and rewrote them to freshen them up. I tend to use them as an alternative to editing the gig descriptions for previously discussed MIA reasons.


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No refunds, higher prices, branding, more niche gigs with video intros :wink:


I have changed the cover of my gigs and raised the price for 1 gig. I hope will be fine :pray:


Increasing some prices.


Increased my price already ready for 2018.
More potential client and get more sales.


Updating all of my current video offerings to 7, modifying a few gigs and changing demos in one voiceover gig as it’s redundant, adding better instructions/descriptions on all gigs (maybe they’ll actually read them this year) :slight_smile:
Increasing rates…

Basically an overhaul over the next 3 days, so when the calendar turns I’m good.


I get a ten day window at least after I make any changes to any gig where orders almost come to a halt so previously where I could change things in gigs and see what happens, now I have to take into account that orders will drop off significantly, making any change at all even more risky.


I have changed the Gig Images also now updating the Gig description


Thinking to add new services. Does anyone here getting success by creating multiple niche gig from 1 fiverr account?



I’m still figuring things out. Tweaking a little bit here and there, learning the platform, and hopefully setting myself up for success. Working on setting up new gigs, better demo vids and description copy.

Hoping for a few regular clients by the middle of the year :slight_smile:


I’ll start by updating my gigs regularly and probably learning new skills so I could diversify my menu of gigs.
Best of luck to everyone!


Managing my gig slot by creating a new gig. Learning a new skill for another gig to be created.


I did a complete time and motion study for all the work I complted in 2017 (on and off Fiverr) and rejigged all my prices accordingly. So far, my clients seem OK with it…


I’m trying to explore what the market will bear price wise but it’s hard when you can’t freely edit gigs frequently for price without being penalized as far as having your orders diminish due to some fluke in the algorithm.


Maybe not because i am still new at this social media marketing stuff… and my gigs aren’t getting any buyer request. I really need help and some advice on how to improve my gig. You can check out my profile if there is something that i need to work at.


Ya Waiting For New Experience!!