Open for business and Collect mine and I'll collect yours


Hello I will be online for a very long time probably until 3-4AM EST Florida.

Also If you collect my gigs I will collect yours :slight_smile:



I have collected your gigs in Kimberlee talents

My link:

Thank you and good luck,



Reply to @burebista: Collected and thank you :slight_smile:



Collcted all of ours gigs


Reply to @maf7unk: Collected them :slight_smile:

Thank you,



Hi. Collected ur gig in “starred gigs”. This is my latest gig. This can help sellers in promoting their gigs. Very effective. Please collect and share it. Thanks


Reply to @tumichael: Have collected your gig :slight_smile:

Thank you so much


Here is my profile url:



Reply to @seoranks1: I collected what I could of yours :slight_smile: just make sure to collect mine