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Open for kind suggestions

kindly check out my gig and point out mistakes if any. Open for suggestions


Hello Asamii,

Just checked your gig. Looks good except for the two factors
1] Refund policy
2] 100% satisfaction

Both these can attract scammers since you are providing unlimited revisions as well. Would suggest you to remove these two points. Hope you get an order soon.

Good Luck…

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Suggest you remove the references to “review writing” and “essays” from your profile description as both of these services are not allowed on Fiverr.

To provide these services will risk your account.

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Well I was hoping to attract the customers. How can it be the scammers? explain please

Really? I didn’t know that

Well…genuine buyers will purchase your gig and leave with an honest opinion…scammers will purchase your gig, make you do unlimited revisions (since you have this given them this option) and finally end up saying that they were not satisfied. And so…as per your gig you will have to refund the order. In that case the scammer will have all the revised work he wanted plus the refund amount…


Your profile description talks about your expert experience as a writer - but your gig is for a background removal service. There’s nothing wrong with having different gigs offering different services - but this is confusing. Are you a writer or a photo editor?

Your gig description refers to ‘we’ (suggesting a team) and ‘I’ (suggesting just you). Which is it? This will matter to some buyers.

Also, as others have pointed out, you are inviting trouble by offering unlimited revisions and using phrases such as ‘100% satisfaction guaranteed. Get REFUND if you are not satisfied with the work.’ You will attract scammers and your account will be damaged by this. Every cancelled order (because of a refund) will affect your ability to make future sales due to the Fiverr algorithm and where it places your gig in the search results.

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Thanks . I really appreciate it. I guess I will do some changes in descriptions.