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Open for one 5$ WordPress project in December

I’m Carolina, and I’m a 100% WordPress and theme nerd (I helped build Twenty Twenty, the latest default theme. :upside_down_face:).

I have an opening for one WordPress project in december.
Because there is no pro bono / pay it forward option on fiverr, I am setting the price to 5$.

I am looking to help you with a website setup or a refresh and update of an existing WordPress install.
Or perhaps PSD to WordPress (So not just support requests. And no e-commerce data entry gigs…).

I am primarily looking to work with people who use WordPress for good, or someone who is in
the same situation as me, a new small business owner who is changing careers. Someone who just needs some help to get started with WordPress.

If you have an interesting project, send me a direct message.

Oh and if you needed it done yesterday, don’t bother :slight_smile: I don’t rush :kissing_heart:

I can help code from scratch for $5 :slight_smile:

Then you don’t need my gig :wink: