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😮 Quick Response Paranoia

I had the silliest thought yesterday…

A couple months ago, Fiverr released a pre-written quick response “I’m not able to do this” with a message that read: “Your request does not align with the services I offer.” Unlike any of the other quick responses that sellers can create, this one was blue (the QRs sellers create show as gray) and it had the :no_entry_sign: icon next to it.

Is it possible that Fiverr looks at how many times sellers use it?

Do they take into account what keywords the buyer used to find the seller, and determine whether those keywords are relevant to the seller’s gig based on if the seller used the “non-relevant” quick response? :open_mouth: :thinking:

No I’m sure they don’t care about that.

I’m also sure they don’t go through the type of complex analysis you describe to match how many times that response was used to how many times the people who messaged them used certain keywords.

They wouldn’t tie certain messages the seller sends to keywords that were searched on.


Wow, looking back I just realized how much Fiverr has evolved. I can still remember the days where sending the same response to several user inquiries would make the system automatically flag me for “spamming”, even if it was a generic but detailed ‘thank you’ message.

In the past, CS told me so many times to avoid using canned replies and make them unique since they were automatically flagged by the system (yet CS used them so many times themselves!), and then, oh so late, they introduced quick responses to alleviate that problem (and maybe have an excuse for their own canned replies :smiley: )

So my thought is that Fiverr introduced quick responses to actually stop looking at our canned responses and how many times we use them :smiley:


Such algorithms exist and could be implemented, although I admit it’s unlikely. It was just a random thought that popped into my head last night :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree! I used to have to re-type the details of my services every time I received a message, getting creative with my wording. The little things like quick responses have ended up saving sellers a lot of time overall.

So, I’m not complaining about any of it (just sharing a wild possibility) :smile:

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Conspiracy material - you now have my full attention! :crazy_face:

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